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Result-oriented innovation

This is the permanent goal of Artecola, a company that is a benchmark in chemical inputs and industrial supplies. Founded in Rio Grande do Sul in 1948, we started operating as a small paint and glue factory owned by the Kunst family. It heralded the creation of one of the largest companies in southern Brazil.

Today, Grupo Artecola is a Latin American benchmark in adhesives, special veneers, engineering plastics and PPG for a wide variety of markets. Driven by the same restless spirit as way back in 1948, we use innovation as a tool to go beyond and generate results. Artecola has an extensive line of specialties for a wide variety of applications. Be it in the furniture, footwear, automotive, construction, textile, or paper and packaging market, you can count on the quality that has been Artecola’s trademark since it was founded.

To us, innovating means much more than offering solutions; innovating means being there at every important time in people’s lives.




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